Exploring the Lives of the Notable and the Ordinary , 'The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword' MTM said!

Nurturing raw talentsย  with passion & building the next generation of Superstar Photographers & Creatives.

Who is MTM Media Productions?

MTM Media Productions (Born Methuselah Takudzwa Myambo, September 17) is a Zimbabwean and South African-based photographer, Multifacted Human, and 360 Creative.

He is best known for his creative imagery and is among the handful of creatives in South Africa that have worked with the crรจme de la crรจme in the country as well as an impressive number of global and national brands.

Born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, he was raised by his parents (a runner mother and a cinematographer father) in the streets of Mutare. He has been crafting a niche for himself in the creative industry since the young age of 15, using different mediums from visual art to graphic design, photography, cinematography, and more.

He is also known for his catchphrase "Stick To That" and is popularly referred to as "MTM". MTM Media Productions is widely recognized for its stunning creative work.

T H E ย  I D E A ย  B E H I N D ย  M T M ย  A C A D E M Y

Exploring the Lives of the Notable and the Ordinary , 'The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword' MTM said again!

Methuselah T. Myambo, the founder of MTM Academy, is an established photographer and creative whose passion is to nurture raw talents and create the next generation of superstars. He believes that anyone can learn the ins and outs of photography and creativity, and he has devoted himself to providing quality education to individuals who desire to become excellent photographers and creatives.

Methuselah's commitment to his students is unparalleled. He personally reviews and coaches each student to ensure they gain valuable skills and knowledge. His teaching practices and methods are tailored to each individual student's needs, as he believes each student's learning experience should be unique and special. He guides and mentors each student to become the best version of themselves.

Methuselah also provides hands-on training and experience, but his real focus is on the development of a strong foundation of core values, such as respect and appreciation for everyone, a deep passion for photography, and a desire to never give up. These values, along with his teaching, encourage his students to reach far beyond their expectations.

In the same way he has created a successful career for himself, Methuselah hopes to also assist the next generation of superstars by nurturing their raw talents and developing their skills with passion and positivity. He continually motivates his students to reach for greater accomplishments by providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

At the MTM Academy, Methuselah has successfully brought together diverse voices and talented individuals to create a community of passionate creatives. He has created an academic and creative atmosphere where everyone is welcome and supported.

Methuselah is guided by the goal of building the next generation of superstar photographers and creatives. He has dedicated himself to helping individuals, no matter what their background, have the chance to learn and pursue their dreams. By providing quality education, Methuselah is helping to create a better world by empowering individuals with the skills to reach heights they may not have thought possible.ย 

Today's world is full of people who have raw and unique talents, but many face struggles due to a lack of resources and guidance to help them discover and nurture their talents. In the creative arts, such as photography and film, people of all ages are often lost in the shuffle, unable to express the vision they have for their creations.

-In an effort to build a strong network of creative minds in the field of photography and creative artistry, passionate professionals should take the time to invest in the future. Introducing a variety of hands on workshops to showcase the fundamental skills needed in these industries can help aspiring photographers and creatives alike hone their craft and build confidence. Providing photographers and creative students with a safe environment to practice their skills, make mistakes, and learn from each other can help create the perfect atmosphere for the growth and evolution of talent.

professionalsIn addition to increasing the exposure participants have to the field, industry professionals should demonstrate a degree of mentorship. From master classes to one-on-one instruction, teaching the fundamentals of lighting, framing, storytelling, and more can help jumpstart their career while giving them valuable life skills. Through this type of involvement, students will gain the experience necessary to become professional in their field as well as receive specialized guidance that can be important when taking the first steps into the industry.

Lastly, by providing resources and networks, those involved in the project can create connections to help aspiring photographers and creatives make an ascent to success. From being recognized by potential clients to having their work showcased in local galleries, networking should be encouraged to help those reach their goals.

mentorshipsBy nurturing raw talents with passion and offering guidance from industry professionals, the next generation of superstar photographers and creatives can be cultivated, succeeding and inspiring others in the process. With those mentorship and resources in place, the success rate of the next generation will be far greater than that of those before them, investing in their future and creating a new world of possibilities.ย