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Nothing is better than high-quality product photography when it comes to convincing people to buy your products. Product photography is a crucial part of your business. You need to take it seriously to drive more sales for your brand. As online shopping is booming, it’s necessary to understand the importance of product photos. If you are not uploading high-quality images of your products, you are definitely missing out on plenty of sales conversions.

Whoever visits your website will be drawn towards images. When you showcase high-quality images of your products, you are making the visitors stick to your site. This will eventually boost your sales.

We are a Cape Town, South Africa based Creative Studio, we specializes in producing unique digital content.


Hi there! I am Methuselah T.Myambo -a talented product photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am the owner of MTM Media Productions company- a studio that brings creativity and helps businesses worldwide by increasing their sales and making them stand out from the crowd.

I worked with brands such as Glaze Hair, Deeluxe Cosmetics, Deeluxe Beauty, Wakanaka Beauty, Flawless Beauty, Bare Beauty Cosmetics and others and delivered stunning product photos that increased sales and visibility in their niche and set them apart from competitors.

My journey started in 2017 when I held my first camera. I took photos of people, small events and landscapes, and when I discovered product photography, I knew I found my calling.

I specialize in creating visual content also for new product launch campaigns, visual storytelling for social media, Google ads, andΒ  prints/billboards. I have vast experience working with beauty, skincare and wellness products.

Fill in the form and offer your products the best light and the highest quality imagery that will speak up for your brand and increase your product's visibility among competitors.

Our Services


We showcase the product in this best light and highlight its features, benefits and aesthetic appeal for advertising and marketing purposes.


Bring your products to life with our models or your models whether you're selling clothing, beauty products, jewelry or any other item.


We create promotional videos that tell your story, showcase your products or services and engage your target audience in digital platform.

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Eye-catching content with a high quality visual, is what captivates the audience and makes brands successful on social media.

To help increase your brand exposure, we support you by creating content with attractive and impactful visuals.

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